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Conference/Workshop Request

1. Submit a Conference/Workshop request form. This must be approved on PDP prior to submitting this request.

2. Once your Conference/Workshop request form is approved by your coordinator. Your hotel will be selected, booked, and paid for by the ANW Special Education. Don't forget to pick up a copy of the hotel receipt when you check out. It is your responsibility to set up a time with Shelley Stuber to register for your approved continued education at the Central Office using the ANW Special Education Credit Card to pay all registration fees.

3. When you return home from your conference please submit a Conference Reimbursement Request. This will be a request for reimbursement for per diem (no receipts for meals necessary) and paid parking (receipts are required) ONLY.


4. Mileage will no longer be reimbursed unless previously approved by Korenne Wolken, Director. It is your responsibility to submit a Vehicle Request form prior to attending the conference.

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