With a firm and unwavering belief that all children have value and must be cherished, we will work cooperatively toward our goal of establishing and maintaining approved classes and related services for all exceptional children.  While in pursuit of this basic goal, each participating district will function as a full and equal partner regardless of size.  Special education cannot and should not be developed separate and apart from regular education.  School improvement of any kind must be a cooperative effort between the personnel of the local districts and the staff of the helping agency.

Sheila Coronado - Assistant Director

Harry Heppler - Coordinator, Transportation Supervisor

Lynette Brungardt - Coordinator

  • USD 257 Iola

Anne Brewer - Coordinator

Chuck Wood - Coordinator

  • BAIT

The Cooperative is staffed with 220 Para-Educators, 6 Administrators, and 8 Administrative Support Staff. 

Certified Professional Staff include Nursing, Speech/Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, School Social Workers, Adaptive Physical Education Instructors, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Hearing-Impaired Specialists, a Vocational Coordinator, and a Technology Coordinator. 

All social workers and psychologists are trained in conducting functional behavior assessments.

ANW Cooperative was organized on September 9th, 1971. Our first year of operation was 1972 and we serviced 155 students.   Today we serve 1,000 to 1,500 students in any given year, and our services are provided to students ranging from Gifted to Severely Multiply Handicapped.  

We deliver these services in our eight member school districts, encompassing over 30 school buildings in a five county area in Southeast Kansas, in the counties of Allen, Anderson, Neosho, Wilson, and Woodson.

To provide personalized instructional programming for all exceptional children through the highest level of integration with regular programming possible.

ANW Education Co-op #603
Central Office

710 Bridge Street
PO Box 207
Humboldt, KS 66748

Phone: 620-473-2257
or 1-800-573-2257
Fax: 620-473-2159
Hours: 8am-4pm Central


Sheila Coronado - Assistant Director

Harry Heppler - Coordinator, Transportation Supervisor

Lynette Brungardt - ECSE Preschool Coordinator (All Districts)

  • USD 257 Iola

Anne Brewer - Coordinator, Programs For Students With Intellectual & Severe Multiple Disabilities

Chuck Wood - Supervisor Fairfield, ANWEDS, BAIT

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